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I am Pavitra Kher. I work as a software developer in a reputable firm in Bangalore. I am an open minded girl who believes in one night stand. Along with my aspirations to grow in my profession, I also want to enjoy my life on the same time. My job offers me plenty of free time like weekends is off and I do not have lot of work pressure. In my free time, I want to create some special moments for lifetime. I am just 25 years old belonging to a high profile family. I am living in Bangalore in a one BHK flat in a posh colony.

Just because of my fun loving nature, a lot of men get attracted to me. Keeping my nature in my mind, I felt that I should offer independent escort services in Bangalore. I am slim, tall and sexy girl. I have an attractive body that can prudently fulfill your desires to a higher end. No matter what are your sexual goals, I will serve you with pleasure never experienced before by at any moment of life.

Independent Escorts Services in Bangalore

Like any other Bangalore escorts girl, my dates are managed by my personal manager. My manager keeps a schedule of my meetings with my privileged clienteles. It’s a simple and hassle free procedure to contact me. You need to speak with my manager. He will share my pictures and other necessary details with you, in case, you like them we can plan for a meeting anytime.

Since, my childhood I have seen that all men like to show off in front of their friends and business meetings. Not only you can have fun with me in the night time, but also, you can ask me to accompany to business meetings to flaunt in front of your clienteles. Moreover, I can help you in cracking a business deal. My best and attractive moves can melt the heart of your difficult client and assist you achieve all your career goals.

It is an irrefutable fact that men have many hidden desires that are not fulfilled by their wife, girlfriend and any other friend. We all love to fantasize and have plenty of fantasies. Are you shy.. Or never opened in front of a girl.. Don’t worry.. One you meet me, you will realize that I am very understanding. My job is to see I have happy ending clients in the concerning of great things taking place. I have met with people from different age groups and know about their taste and desires.

Apart from being so Pleasing and admirable, I can deliver you a large number of satisfactory services in Bangalore that you have never dreamt of. My aspiration and clear mind lets me offer more and more never felt before pleasurable moments to the clients who loves and showed their favor upon me.

How Independent escorts in Bangalore can help you?

I have a simple goal in my mind once I meet my client is to satisfy him with all things that he is asking or willing to do, to make my partner happy, I can do anything he would like me to do. Apart from my education, I have done acting course in Bangalore. I have worked as a Female Model in Bangalore with some designers as well as. Along with my perfect figure, my compassionate attitude towards the clients helps them share their hidden fantasies to me. I try my best to offer one of the best in call service to my partner.

Since, I am an experienced female escort in Bangalore; the only goal in my mind is to take care of my partner in the best possible ways. In case, you want to enjoy the best out of me, the only thing you need to do is to get rid off of all the inhibitions.

What are my expectations from the clients? To get the best from any independent escorts in Bangalore, the client needs to follow the steps mentioned her. First of all, you need to make your escort feel free and appreciate her beauty. Appreciation is the key to open the girl. Once she is hundred percent comfortable and likes your talks, she will deliver you the best services never experienced before. The friendly behavior of the client helps the girl to deliver the services in the best possible manner.

Pleasing heart is a human act that can be boring as well as exciting at same time. Men at time get bored with their real partner and are looking for gala time with a new girl. It is just a simple way to freshen up their mind and spice to their real life. As I work as Independent Escort in Bangalore, for me best pleasure is like a daily ritual. I am person who enjoys the life and loves sex a lot. I like to experiment new things with my clients. I understand their needs and which is clearly reflected in my bodily acts.

With my experience working as an Escort in Bangalore, I have met with many men who respect the needs of a girl and try to give her pleasure as well. These pleasures make the overall meetings interesting and exciting on the same time. I know that right stimulation offered at sensual places to my pleasure partner, the end result is a amazing night including enjoyable sex and nasty talks. The psychologists also suggest that sex is as important as any other activity to lead a healthy life.

To get best of out those magic moments, it is necessary to stimulate the mind first rather that riding the partner over the bed where both can rest and more. sweet, kind, intelligent conversations along with romantic ambience assists me and my clients to know each other efficiently. The talks are the major factor which accentuates the hidden feelings of my client. I can bet if you meet me once, you would like to meet me for the second time as well.

I spend a plenty of time to look presentable to maintain my high profile image as an independent escorts in Bangalore. My charming smile and magical sexual moments wins the hearts of the clients I have met till date. To enjoy a real sexual sexual experience in Bangalore, you just need to call my manager 24X7 as per your availability. My communication skills, body and character are not less than any celebrity you fantasize of. Your needs and demands are my first priority when I meet you. Don’t worry.. Just you need feel relaxed and calm with me.. I will give you whatever you want. I am completely in the art of making love. I take at most care of my grooming. I understand all the requirements of my clients and help them to fulfill them on the same time.

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